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We as MD Tech provide the greatest standards of quality and originally innovate our work and services to a great extent.

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Partition Services

MD Tech is also known as a Partition company because of its extensive experience with partitions of ceilings.

False Ceiling and Wall Partition

MD Tech prides to have all types of fall ceiling and wall partitions. It includes Gypsum false ceiling, pop false ceiling.


Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum board is a mutual word for a group of panel products. These merchandises are used for walls and ceilings. All gypsum boards which are used in building and construction are non-combustible.

  • A gypsum board always comes in a ready–to–install form so it is fixed with screws to a metal frame and is attached to the ceiling slab.
  • A gypsum ceiling has a fast and mess-free method and technique of installation to minimize the dirt during installation.
  • A gypsum board false ceiling has a continuous and smooth surface. These boards are large and also cover the compound that dries quickly.


Pop Ceiling & Installation

Pop ceiling (Plaster of Paris) is now a day a trend at every place. It is a dropped ceiling or a second ceiling of the first one. MD Tech is providing you with the facility of its installation and offers many architectural designs of the Pop ceiling.

  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • It has low thermal conductivity and is resistant to fire.
  • By mixing with water it can mold into any shape.
  • It has good bond on fibrous stuff.


Grid False Ceiling

Grid ceilings are now available in the market and they improve the look of your home. A very important reason that why people are attracting to the grid ceiling is aesthetics. A lot of factors such as overall cost, sustainability, and design also matters, and technology comes along with it.

  • These ceilings are now available in various colors, designs, and materials such as wood, metal, or faux leather.
  • The overall cost of inspection and repair can easily be brought down.
  • Industrial and commercial maintenance
  • Home maintenance, and many other services.

Ceilings and Partitioning


We are here when you need us to service both your residential
and comercial properties.

Ceilings and Partitioning


We are here when you need us to service both your residential
and comercial properties.

(+971) 52 989 7135

(+971) 52 989 7135

Our Benefits

Ceiling & Partition Services

  • Divide the whole area into many rooms.
  • Provide privacy to the inmates from sight and sound.
  • Partition walls are light in weight and cheaper in cost of construction
  • Occupy less area
  • They can be easily constructed in any position
  • Provide adequate privacy in rooms in respect of both sight and sound

We also offer:

  • Free estimates
  • Financing option is available
  • Flat rate pricing for service
  • 10% off Service Parts for Seniors
  • Accept debit cards, credit cards and cash
  • And Extended Warranties.

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We also have emergency service available 24/7 Just give us a call at (+971) 52 989 7135 or Contact us to get more information

Ceiling & Partition Services

We have developed and implemented ceiling & partition solutions for almost all sectors, including healthcare, education, business and information technology, etc.

Gypsum false ceiling

We are indulged in presenting gypsum false ceiling to our customers.

POP false ceiling

Our POP false ceiling services are executed in accordance with industrial principles.

Grid false ceiling

Our grid false ceiling is cost effective and are offered within the given span of time.

Brick wall partition

The brick wall partition is handled by professionals with advanced techniques.

Glass wall partition

We provide highest-quality glass wall partition to fabricate the orders of our customers.

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All Kinds of Ceiling Services

We provide all kinds of ceiling services, including gypsum false ceiling, grid false ceiling, pop false ceiling, grid false ceiling.


All Kinds of Wall Partition Services

We provide all kinds of wall partition services including brick wall partition and glass wall partition.


Installation in Homes

If you want to make your homes beautiful and splendid, we are here to make them special for you with elegant wall partitions and false ceilings.


Installation at Workplaces

We are always there for the installation of every kind of false ceilings and wall partition at your workplaces in an effective manner.


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