Home Renovation in Dubai

To me, renovation implies updating systems (electric, plumbing, HVAC), while preserving the basic structure.

Home Remodeling might include some of the above except that structural changes are involved.

What are the first things you notice when renovating Home Renovation Contractor?

It’s far too late once you’re actually doing the renovation.

The first thing I notice is the outside appearance. The curb appeal. Sure, some cleaning up and repairs are necessary, but can the appearance be made really nice without a lot of work? Or is it going to take a lot of work?

 Worse, is the house just plain ugly and there’s no way to fix it? That also applies to things like overhead high power lines and proximity to the road.

I also took a look at the parking situation. Street only? Driveway? Garage? Garage connected to the house?

The next thing I notice when looking at a property—because it’s unavoidable—are any smells. Cat urine, mold, etc. And, from the front door, I look at the basic layout. Split foyer? Rambler? What does the door open up on? How will prospective buyers react?

Beyond that are just the normal things: Placement of the kitchen and its condition. Is there a separate dining room; if so, should it be opened up to the kitchen? Where’s the living room? And so on.

I don’t pay that much attention to the condition of the property. The layout, design, and appearance/curb appeal (whether it works, or what needs to be changed) is far more important.

Hardwood flooring would be a home improvement that would increase your home value. Hardwoods have a lifetime value, they appeal to home buyers.

They are easy to keep clean and go with any type of interior you might have. From traditional to modern colors there is a wide variety for any living space.

The house should be spotlessly clean, and the windows should sparkle. Declutter by removing many items from countertops and furniture tops, and get rid of unnecessary items. 

Remove old, out-of-date window coverings. There should be no nail holes or nicks in the walls or woodwork. Paint colors should be neutral.

There are a lot of Home Renovation Contractor I found in Dubai throughout my research. But the one I selected is different from the rest. MD Interiors Design Company  has more than fifteen years of architectural & interior experience.

Homes designed by them reflect the designer’s skill and mirror the owner’s personality, thoughts, and feelings. Their team is highly committed to quality, social responsibility, and perfection in work within the client’s budget.

They are easily reachable, either make an inquiry with them on their website or reach out to them on their instagram.

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